What is BetaHeart?

If you’ve been searching for the best way to lower your cholesterol search no more! Forget the effort of eating three bowls of oatmeal every day to reach the full daily amount of betaglucan (3g) needed to maintain a healthy heart.

Instead enjoy a BetaHeart, a deliciously healthy oats and barley drink, especially high in betaglucan – proven to reduce cholesterol levels. It is also high in fibre and is low GI.

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    BetaHeart Tastes Great

    BetaHeart is the best tasting way to lower your cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart

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    BetaHeart is Healthy

    BetaHeart is high in fibre and low GI, improving proper bowel function and promoting healthy digestion.

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    BetaHeart is Simple

    There’s no easier way to lower your cholesterol. One sachet a day keeps cholesterol at bay. You would need to eat 3 bowls of oatmeal for the same benefits of just one BetaHeart sachet.

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    BetaHeart is All Natural

    BetaHeart is non-dairy, sugar free, lactose free and there are no preservatives or artificial colourings in BetaHeart.